• Conscience – Short Film

    Conscience – Short Film

    Trapped in a situation you cant seem to get out of? When your conscience comes into […]



    Showreel displaying some of my work as a Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor and Visual Effects Editor.

  • Symphony of Lies

    Symphony of Lies

    Trailer for the film “SYMPHONY OF LIES” A psychological thriller, filmed and produced in London and […]

  • Blackjack – Short Film

    Blackjack – Short Film

    A gifted blackjack player gets the attention from all the wrong people. Will he come out on top, or will the house take everything?

  • London Love

    London Love

    London in Summer. The model in the video is Jenna-Louise Hollins. Please enjoy. FULL HD VIDEO, […]

  • White Lies – Short Film

    White Lies – Short Film

    Nathan, a young, drug-loving uni-graduate, thinks he can have it all: easy money, highs without the lows, and the girl of his dreams. But when he pits his wits against the city’s most notorious dealer, he rapidly discovers that in business and in pleasure, there’s no supply without demands, and people are rarely who they seem.

  • Dreamer


    The idea was to give a peaceful, almost dreamlike state to the video. I wanted to […]

  • Freeze Festival 2010

    Freeze Festival 2010

    Freeze Festival 2010 is a 3 day event of snowboarders and skiers from around the world […]

  • No Worries – Virgin Media Short

    No Worries – Virgin Media Short

    “No Worries” was created as a competition piece for Virgin Media Shorts 2011 A last minute […]

  • Batman Kinetic Typography

    Batman Kinetic Typography

    First attempt at “Kinetic Typography”. Dialogue is from ‘The Dark Knight trailer’, which looking back was […]

  • Yuri Gagarin – View From Space

    Yuri Gagarin – View From Space

    Edited for Post Ipad Magazine, Yuri Gagarin’s 108 minute journey in space into a 4 minute […]

  • XoXo – Short Film

    XoXo – Short Film

    A short film I wrote and directed myself for a University Project. Starring my friend Will […]