Paolo Troilo – Finger Painting (Art Piece) - Editor
June 2016

Editor of this short art piece, showcasing the talents of a world-renowned painter, who creates amazing works of art with just his fingers.

Soulmates (Short Film) - Director/Writer
July 2015

Soulmates is a short film discussing whether there is any truth behind the idea that there is a single perfect person for everyone. On its festival run. Soon to be playing at the legendary Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

'The Game' - (Short Film) - Editor
Nov 2014

Editor of this short comedy film for the International 48 Hour film project 2014.

Brunswick Studios – Lead Creative Editor
June 2013 – July 2014 (Continuing as Freelancer)

Lead Editor on all productions ranging from feature films to online ads. Clients include, but not limited to: Feature Film – Rush, TV – BBC & SKY and Fashion – Primark

‘Conscience’ – (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Editor
May 2013

Director, Writer and Editor of this short drama film. Filmed as one long take. Accepted into the One Take International film festival 2014.

‘Dissection’– Feature Film (Independent Film) – Camera Op, Assistant Director
Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

Main Camera Operator throughout principle photography and pickups, as well as Assistant Director throughout the shoot.

‘Crux’ – Feature Film (Independent Film) – 2nd Unit Director of Photography
Sept 2012 - Oct 2012

2nd Unit Director of Photography and Camera Operator, capturing pickups and new scenes after principle photography was completed.

‘Symphony of Lies’ – (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Editor
May 2012

Director, Writer and Editor of this short Action film. Produced by the Hipkin brothers from TeaFilms. Shown in Virgin Media Shorts.

‘Blackjack’ – (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Editor
March 2012

Director, Writer and Editor of this short Thriller. Filmed in America and shown at ASU and UNC Charlotte short Film Festivals.

‘White Lies’ – (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Editor
Dec 2011

Director, Writer and Editor of this short Crime/Drama. Showing at the London Independent Film Festival and London Young Film Festival.

‘Post Ipad Magazine’ (Meri Media) - Editor
March 2011

Editing Yuri Gagarin’s 108 minute journey in space, into a 3:30 minute video for the company’s new iPad magazine.

‘Stormhouse’ – Feature Film (AV Pictures – Visual Effects)
Nov 2010 – Jan 2011

Designing and creating multiple visual effects in post-production for a future feature film in the sci-fi/horror genre.